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Fall 2008 Newsletter
Issue 9

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Fall Madness!

Fall Madness is definitely here. If you can't tell by the picture I have    
www.IamOrganic.com been a bit stressed out and can no longer think straight. The seasons are changing and it's time to do a little cleaning. I have just brought on two new product lines (Simple Green Naturals and EcoSmart Technologies) and I have no where to put them. So I decided to do a bit of WARE house cleaning of my own. Check out the list below! All these items are 25% off retail. Just add them to your shopping cart and enter in the Coupon Code: FALLMADNESS

Fall is a great time to get the house cleaned up and prepared for the holiday season. After all you have Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's right around the corner. Click on any of the products below and it will take you directly to the page on the website where you can learn more about them. Browse the site and add the additional items you need. When at check out enter FALLMADNESS as the Coupon Code and the discounts will be applied automatically. Don't put it off as this insanity will only last for the next 17 days.

Get 25% OFF on these products

Item Retail Price With Coupon
Bug & Insect Control
Hot Pepper Wax: Hose End Qt. 14.97 7.49
Rose & Flower Insect Killer Qt. 4.97 3.73
Cobweb Eliminator Qt. 10.97 8.23
EcoEXEMPT D Dust 10 oz. 8.47 6.35
Sharpshooter Insecticide 24 oz. 9.89 7.42
Bioganic Home & Garden 24 oz. 5.99 4.49
Anti Fuego Soil Conditioner Qt. 9.99 7.49
Garden Dust 2.3 lb. 5.85 4.39
Slug & Snail Bait 26 oz. 10.97 8.23
Fungicide & Disease Control
Bonide Remedy Fungicide 6 oz. 9.99 7.49
Fungicide 3 RTU 24 oz. 4.05 3.04
Organic Fertilizers
Bioform Fish & Seaweed Qt. 13.99 10.49
Garrett Juice Qt. 8.99 6.74
Lawn Food Qt. 6.49 4.87
Lawn Food Gal. 17.59 13.19
Soil Builder Qt. 5.49 4.12
Soil Builder Gal. 16.89 12.67
Liquid Plant Food Qt. 6.79 5.09
Liquid Plant Food Gal. 19.49 14.62
House Plant Solution 64 oz. 8.59 6.44
Speedy Grow Qt. 7.99 5.99
Neptune's Harvest Seaweed Qt. 9.99 7.49
Natures Wisdom Plant Food 5 lb. 8.99 6.74
Earthworm Castings 5 lb. 7.99 5.99
Sustane 4-6-4 Veg. 5 lb. 4.99 3.74
Sustane 3-4-2 Flower & Shrub 5 lb. 5.99 4.49
All Purpose Organic Fertilizer 3 lb. 2.26 1.70
Tomato & Vegetable 3 lb. 3.99 2.99
Bone Meal 6-12-0 5 lb. 7.99 5.99
Blood Meal 12-0-0 5 lb. 8.99 6.74
Pets & Wildlife
Deer Away Qt. RTU 16.99 12.74
Deer Off 16 oz. RTU 8.99 6.74
Snake-A-Way 1.75 lb. 9.99 7.49
Spray Pack Deer/Rabbit Repellent 27.99 20.99
Repeating Mouse Trap 14.97 11.23
Potted Plants
Agrosoke Crystals 12 oz. 9.97 7.48
Organic Potting Soil 10 Qt. 5.99 4.49

Problem Pest: Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

Scientific Name: Order Hymenoptera, family Vespidae, many species
Description: 1-inch, yellow bodies with black markings, clear-brown wings and thick, brownish antennas.
Habitat/Food: Paper Wasps build paper nest in sheltered spots. They feed on other garden insects. If their nest is disturbed, they will aggressively defend it by stinging the intruder.
Life Cycle: They build their nest to house their larvae, which they feed chewed insects until they can contribute to the colony on their own. These wasps are generally not a nuisance to humans unless agitated.
Organic Control: Plant oil based products can be used as effective control. There are also some organic aerosol sprays available.
Interesting Fact: Only the fertilized female survives winter and starts a new colony in the spring.

Try our NEW Wasp & Hornet Killer by EcoSMART
                EcoSmart Wasp & Hornet Killer

Organic Gardening News

Fall Vegetable Gardening
Building Your Compost Pile

Chemical vs. Natural Cleaners

In most cases, chemical and natural cleaners do the same thing. The main difference in the two is that chemical cleaners contain many harmful chemicals that can be very hazardous to your health. Just take a second to look at the multiple warning labels on the back of the products. I don’t know about you, but I personally try to avoid products that say “May cause death” on them. Most people don’t think twice about spraying these harsh chemicals around their food and utensils. Natural cleaners are made from organic ingredients. This means that they are completely safe to use around your home without the fear of getting it on your skin or ingesting it later. It comes down to the basic decision of what type of product you want to use around you, your family, and the environment.


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New Product Launch

Simple Green Natural Cleaners:

Naturals Line

Simple Green Naturals CleanerSimple Green Naturals Cleaner

Simple Green Naturals CleanerSimple Green Naturals Cleaner

Simple Green Naturals CleanerSimple Green Naturals Cleaner

Simple Green Naturals CleanerSimple Green Naturals Cleaner

Original Line

Oriole FeederOriole Feeder

Oriole FeederOriole Feeder

Oriole FeederOriole Feeder

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Rabbit RepellentRabbit Repellent

Animal RepellentRabbit Repellent

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